Emergencies 2


Rescue is on the way.

Need something now? Don't panic, take deep breaths, and give us a call.

We have built our company on getting manufacturing lines up FAST when they go down and KEEPING them up. We understand the impact of a line that is down and we will pull out all the stops to keep you running. Breckers can make tooling usually faster than our customers get us the purchase order. When our tooling gets your manufacturing line back up and running, our customers usually find that our tooling runs better than what they were using previously.

Wondering how we deliver so fast in an industry that traditionally has long lead times? We have 3 key components that help us to accomplish this:

Our System...
Our People...
Our Investments...

red job ticket

Our System...

We have developed a system for getting jobs through our shop floor as fast as possible. Our emergency jobs go on red tickets and our staff is trained so that when they see a red ticket, they act.

Our People...

We spend a lot of time training our staff on the importance of one of our core values as a company, sense of urgency.

breckers airplane

Our Investments...

We have made investments to speed up the process. Not local? Not a problem. We have a company plane and pilot ready to fly tooling to you.

If you are local, we will drive to you as soon as your tooling is done.

breckers van

We have invested in the latest technology in all key areas of our manufacturing facility to run tooling at fast setup and cycle times.

Make your job easier. When you have an emergency,

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