Not seeing the results you want from your catalog drill? Come to Breckers for your Special Made Standard. Instead of buying a Big Box solution from the catalog nearest to your desk, let Breckers fine tune a solution for your specific application. With our ability to expertly control the point geometry, OD geometry, edge prep, cylindrical back taper, and surface treatment for the drill that fits your specific application, you can’t lose when Breckers is on the job.

Cannon Point


Our solid carbide step drills are made specifically for your purposes. Whether you need a single step, multi-step, or steps for a chamfer and counterbore, we design a tool to meet your specific needs and drive your CPU as low as possible. Don’t go into the same hole twice let Breckers design a drill to machine your feature complete. Drill, spot face, chamfer, back chamfer, side cutting interpolation and everything in between; we have you covered.


Come to Breckers Tool for your high performance taper drill needs. Don’t machine the same feature twice; let Breckers design a tool to machine your feature complete. Whether you need to drill to size to eliminate a ream operation; or drill to size, chamfer, spot face and back chamfer to eliminate several operations we have a solution to drive your CPU DOWN and your through put UP.

Taper Drill


Tired of seeing those high cycle times? Let Breckers Tool revolutionize your process. Share with us your process and we will design a package specifically for your operation. Whether we design a solution that machines one feature or several we know how to drive your CPU DOWN and raise your through put UP.

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