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Doesn't it feel good to pay less?

How we do it.

We at Breckers understand CPU reduction.

On the surface what we do is manufacture cutting tools, but what we actually do is create cost savings for your company. Some examples of how we reduce your cycle time include:

  • Eliminating tool changes
  • Stacking up tools
  • Creating conditions for faster feeds and speeds
  • Increasing number of hits

We take the time to look at your entire process to find the best possible way to run your operation. We are in business to save your business money.


Why we do it.

CPU Reduction is our ultimate goal because we know that any one can sell you a cutting tool, but not everyone will take the time to figure out how to turn in a cost savings.

We are often able to give 30-40% of the total tool spend with our company back to our customers year over year. Occasionally, we have been able to give back over one million dollars in cost savings in a year, while billing well less than that number!

We understand that we are only in business if you are in business. We seek out customers who are partnership driven and aggressively looking for cost savings.

If CPU reduction is on your RADAR, then let Breckers lock and load for your company, and bring you a direct hit to your tooling budget. No one does it like us!

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